When she was a child, Charlotte collected bits of nothing that she turned into treasures. Dreaming her life with her eyes wide open, she spent her teenage years drawing and landed at the Beaux-Arts d'Orléans where she learned to master all the techniques of creation. Since then, she has applied her poetry to all the media that inspire her.

Passionate about philosophy, yoga and meditation, she also illustrates children's books under the name of Charlotte Volta.

After collaborating in designing t-shirt models for punk rock or street wear bands, she decided to create her own brand. 

In 2009 she launched the clothing brand LES GENS HEUREUX. She opened her first "workshop" boutique, where she made collections of unique pieces and models to order.

Very quickly and to meet the demands of its customers, it joined forces with printers and garment makers. In 2012 she opened a second, then a third shop. Optimistic and entrepreneurial, at the end of 2018 she launched the E-SHOP LES GENS HEUREUX.


For you and for her, Charlotte is always looking for new brands and likes to know who creates the clothes. With Les Gens Heureux, she aspires to less collector frenzy and has therefore decided to make small capsule collections, produced exclusively in Portugal and France. 

Concerned with colour baths, matching buttons to clothing, good fit and comfort, each model in the collection is carefully crafted down to the last detail. Charlotte draws and paints all the prints, so they are exclusively made for you.

The fabrics used are Portuguese, produced in the same region as the garment factory, the pullovers and buttons are made in France, thus reducing the environmental impact. We can all participate on our own scale in producing and offering eco-responsible products.

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